As we return to class after a long spring break, the class faces many middles: the book, the term, the portfolio. As we ask whether or not the characters have developed, if themes have become more complex, and if we can predict an outcome for many of the novel's plot lines, I wonder if we can ask the same about our own skills as digital humanists.
I think that the other blog entries from the first half of the semester would suggest a positive answer.  We have moved from wariness about digital tools to a critical selection and application, albeit with much more ground to cover.  We have posed very broad questions and have suggested tentative answers that will be tested with more analysis.
My challenge to the class (and to myself) will be to explore how all of these activities and readings make us think differently.  Manzoni, with his overt and subtle agendas, was attempting to reach his reader and create a different way of thinking, as well as entertaining. Can DH do the same for our understanding of the building blocks of literature?


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